Design and engineering department

Design, conception and layout, creation of definitive parts, nesting and programming for manufacture.

Our methods :
Scanning and digitization
Using CAD / CAM to create 3D virtual models

Machining (CNC) :

Maching, milling and routering of several premium materials : Plywood, Panels and blocks of rigid foam (PET, PU, ABS, Polystyrene), Solid wood, Laminates and composites, Re-inforced resin compounds eg: Corian

In collaboration with top class veneered board manufacturer Malvaux,
we can offer a full range of all possible veneered wood finishes.

Our methods :
4 CNC machines (2D, 3D)
Digital panel cutting
CNC board cutting and milling

Varnish / lacquer

Varnishing of panels, parts and furniture

We offer all types of finish: lacquer, varnish in all states
from matt to high gloss, paint – PU or polyester.

Our methods :
Automated UV varnishing conveyor, 1600mm wide
Dust free painting booths

Carpentry / cabinet making

Construction and assembly of furniture.

We offer the possibility of delivering your furniture in ‘flat-pack’
or assembled modules (bulkheads, cabins and soft furnishings)

Our methods:
Mechanised carpentry: We operate all the necessary classic machinery.
To help improve efficiency, our work stations are all equipped
with touch screens with parts lists and plans of the furniture being built.
These are generated by the design and engineering department
in real time so they are always up to date.

Solid Surface

Machining, finishing and thermoforming.

We are capable of working with all types synthetic resin. agrement Our methods :
Oven, Thermoforming press

External know-how :

In order to support you in every way, Naviline works with specialist partners to provide a complete service:

Interior design